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Case Study: The Town of Charleville in Queensland Australia

Charleville in QLDCharleville is a town that is located in South Western Queensland in Australia, six hundred and eighty-three kilometers (424 mi) to the West of Brisbane (this is the Capital of Queensland). It’s the largest administrative centre and town of the Shire of Murweh covering an area of about 43,905 square kilometers. Charleville is situated on Warrego River banks, and is the Warrego Highway terminus. Today, Charleville is a vibrant town that has good, restaurants, medical facilities, shopping centers and obviously opportunity for business and commerce.

There is also a number of Accommodation Options in Charleville suitable for short or long stays. Whether you’re there for a holiday or business you’ll find a suitable Motel or Hotel to stay at.


The very first European exploration of the region was done by Edmund Kennedy in the year 1847. A hotel was erected in 1865, and a town started to grow servicing the region. It was located near Gowrie’s Crossing, which was initially a permanent waterhole, currently on the modern town’s outskirts.

Gowrie Station had been situated around the crossing alongside a natural stock route, for the sheep and cattle grazing. In 1868, the town was gazatted with extremely huge streets to allow bullock teams of more than fourteen pairs to turn around with their wagons. Then, government assistant surveyor (William Alcock Tully) laid out the streets of the town. An Irishman, Tully was the one who probably named the town after Charleville, County Cork town, Ireland. The Roma-based Skinner family members established a store in the town in the year 1872 that was referred to as the Warrego Stores. The Post Office in Charleville open on 1 August 1865.


Charleville town has a warm climate, where the maximum temperatures range from Thirty-Five Degrees Celsius (Ninety-Five Degrees Fahrenheit) during summer to Twenty Degrees Celsius (Sixty-Eight Degrees Fahrenheit) during winter season.

Rainfall is mild and distributed partially throughout the year, with its highest pick during summer. Severe flooding situations are normally brought about by monsoon troughs and the tropical cyclones remnants dumping large rainfall amounts over the area; however normally rain falls in forms of light showers and thunderstorms after hot summer days.


Charleville has various tourist attractions, including a historical museum, the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia Museum, wildlife sanctuary (and also a bible reserve), and the Cosmos Centre. Also, this town was enshrined in music by Slim Dusty during his country music song “Charleville”.


The town of Charleville has several facilities for the community such as a golf course (situated in May Street), racing course, speedway, swimming pool, bowling green, the Gowrie sporting oval and also a public library which is always open to the general public. The Golf Course in Charleville has 18 sand greens as well as a licensed clubhouse.

Transport and Relocation

Aviation is usually monitored by the Charleville Airport. The Westlander rail passenger service works by linking Charleville town to Brisbane town. As proposed in the 1880s, Charleville could have been the transcontinental railway southern end, linking to Point Parker on the Carpentaria Gulf.

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