Web marketing for SME’s

Website marketing is important for any business especial SME’s (small & medium enterprises). The main aim for web marketing and consulting is to guide the business owners through key decisions and help them in formalizing goals. A website marketing plan is required to help market the website that you have put up. The following are a few steps that needs to be taken to make a web marketing plan.

  1. marketingSetting the objective
    1. Understand the primary objective of the website.
    2. Purpose of the website marketing plan.
  2. Defining the audience
    1. The business owner should understand the target customer.
    2. Another important factor is that the geographic location of where the customers need to be located.
  3. Positioning
    1. This is the core of the marketing campaign. Therefore a unique positioning statement is necessary for the business.
    2. This will be in line with the uniqueness of the company.
  4. Tactics
    1. Registering the website, this will include developing distinctive web address, registering in the search engine and the directories and also improving the search engine positioning.
    2. Promoting the website online.
    3. Apart from the online marketing, offline marketing in the form of newspaper, press releases etc are equally important.

With this step by step procedure there is no doubt that any business owner can develop a marketing plan.

There are a few other marketing tricks that can be used by the business owner to help improve the business. A few of them are mentioned below.

  1. Website – Every business needs to have a website, the SME should be able to separate the reality and the hype. This is the process where the marketing objectives and budgets are supported. This could be more efficient than other marketing options.
  2. SEO – Placing the business on the web is not the main part for an SME. The key is ensuring that a proper SEO is there, which help in placing the website on a higher position in the search engine.
  3. Constant updates – One of the most important marketing strategies is that the SME owners should be open to change and the willingness to keep developing on the website. The latest technologies also need to be applied on the website.
  4. Sell Online – SME should consider this as a major step in their business. This is sure to provide convenience and open doors to global markets.
  5. ROI Calculator – The Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator, can be used in email marketing. This is one of the best ways to help ensure the ROI on email advertising campaigns.
  6. Rate Conversion Calculator – This is most useful when a SME is planning to sell things online. The rate conversion calculator when added to the website helps in a global perspective.
  7. Social Media Presence – No longer can businesses ignore social media, this is where most people hang out online so a business must be where it’s customers are. Some examples of brand social media pages are:
    1. Jigsaw Concepts on Facebook
    2. Brisbane SEO on Twitter
    3. Jigsaw Concepts Company page on LinkedIn

The above is a very basic overview, it’s recommended that you seek an online marketing consultant to assist in the planning and implementation of your online strategy.

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